Suicide Survivor Support Groups in Kansas City

Uniting Survivors

Who We Help


Support groups unite survivors of suicide – the family, friends and others affected by the death of a loved one by suicide – SASS provides support to these groups in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Participating in a support group can be beneficial and healing.

Grieving a death by suicide is a different kind of grief, one that may be compounded with complex questions and emotions.

Our support group is peer-led, meaning your group is facilitated by someone who has also survived the loss of a loved one to suicide.

Group participants understand the many emotions survivors may be experiencing, and can help work through those challenging feelings, questions, and situations.

Support groups can help survivors in the following ways:

• Talking about the suicide
• Putting the suicide in perspective
• Dealing with family problems caused by the suicide

• Obtaining factual information about suicide and its effects
• Having a safe and unbiased place to express their feelings

• Understanding and dealing with other people’s reactions to suicide
• Finding healthy ways to heal and feel better about themselves

Participants are not required or pressured to share, and may find comfort in simply being present among others who may understand how they are feeling.

“It’s a safe place, confidential. People can choose to share or not share. There’s no judgement and no reason to apologize for feelings – whatever they may be. Tears are common, laughter is common. We may not even talk about suicide or death. Everyone knows why they are there, the shared experience. The things that can only be understood by those who understand.”

Tom P., support group facilitator

Join a support group and begin your journey of healing today.

Mickey & Bonnie Swade
Advent Health Woodland Hills Building, Flint Hills Room

2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month, 6:30pm
7315 Frontage Road, Shawnee Mission, KS

Through This Together

Peer-led grief support group meetings with facilitators Tom Phillips & Tammy Worley

In-person and virtual meeting options are available on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 6:30pm – 8:00pm

In-person meetings at 1522 McGee, Kansas City, Missouri, 64108

For more information or to receive a link to the virtual meeting, visit or call (913) 544-8152

Marcia Epstein
Lawrence, KS – (785) 331-6440‬‬

Martha Stevens
Manhattan, KS – (785) 249-1648

Healing After Loss to Suicide – Topeka HEALs
Topeka,KS – (785) 380-9309

Robin Minzes
Independence, MO – (816) 516-3511