Making the Best of Something That Is Not The Best!

Who would have thought that we would ever be living through a Pandemic? Just a few months ago life was what we call “normal” and then we hear of all the sickness going on in China. We still carried on with our lives like going to the grocery store, shopping. school and social events, shows and entertainment, and being with our family and friends with no face covering! Then we heard about the devastation Italy was going through but again we heard but did not listen that the virus could affect America. We then listened to the news and saw many political folks tell us that this was all a hoax and we have no cause for alarm. Reality hit when we saw the power of this virus on folks in New York and the death numbers staggering. We now know the power of this virus and the potential of it wiping out a nation.

Very few states have not been affected and the medical staff asks that we protect ourselves by following the guidelines of washing our hands, keeping physical distance between others, and wearing face protection, I am sadly amazed that many think our rights are taken from us by that simple gesture of wearing a mask.

If that was not enough, we are seeing the rise of racial discourse. With many deaths occurring in our nation against Black Americans by policeman we are hearing their pleas. Of course, there are also other minority groups that could say they too have been discriminated against. So, we are seeing demonstrations, looting, statues being taken down, and streets being renamed. Again, I understand their slogan that Black Loves Matter and that they do. I am just wondering if all our history books, movies that show slavery, and states that supported it be chastised. History shows the best of times and the worst. We learn by mistakes and there are many. That is what makes history.

So, since this is a post on suicide you may be wondering how all this affects loss survivors. Since most would agree that the death of their loved one was the most overwhelming and devastating event that has happened. This pandemic has not only seen deaths by the numbers but the rates of suicide are continuing to rise. Please continue to check on your loved ones. Learn some new strategies that can help with your mental attitude. Never give up and know there will be life after this virus has been contained. Live in the here and now and be present. Tomorrows are not guaranteed.