Valentine’s Day is a couple of weeks from now.  You see all the displays in the stores and commercials for jewelry and other items. It is a holiday of love.  However, when you lose someone by suicide LOVE takes on a whole different meaning.

You may be thinking that love may change because of a suicide. From my perspective, it does change but you only love them more.

There are so many things you wish you had said as well as the gestures to show your love. If love could have saved them there would be no suicides.  Our loved ones knew we loved them, but they did not love themselves.  No matter how many times we told them it didn’t matter because they were so down on themselves and in a dark place.

So, what do you do with that love since they are gone?  As a result,

each and every day, I can help the person I lost by

…enjoying life

…smiling and laughing

…not dwelling in feelings of sadness or remorse

…loving others

…taking new steps in life toward positive new horizons

…helping those who feel their loss to do the same

…and, in short, not letting their mistake continue to create sorrow neither in the world around me, nor in myself

And I promise that I will.

The best way to honor your loved one is to remember the wonderful times you had and focusing on all the positives.

They would by far want you to go on living and helping others because that in turn will help you.