Life During the Pandemic

It is ten months ago that we first heard about the Pandemic. It has crippled the world not to mention all the businesses that have closed, jobs lost, people dying, schools affected, and life as we know it will be forever changed.

The medical community continues to do its part. It’s hard to imagine working in a hospital and seeing so many patients dying of Covid. There have been doctors, nurses, and first responders feeling devastated and ending up taking their life.

Schools are dealing with outbreaks and having students do their lessons online. Some schools have implemented a hybird model while some are doing lessons remotely. Students are feeling detached and lonely. Not to mention that learning is not the same as being in a classroom.

Time doesn’t stop as we know. The holiday season is here and most families are separated from each other. It is hard to feel joyful right now.

Researchers and scientists have developed a vaccine. Most of us will be vaccinated by Spring. We have learned a life lesson that we should never get too comfortable to not think that something could happen and our lives could be changed.

Many suicides have occurred in the last ten months. It really doesn’t matter if it is an adult or teen. The fact remains they felt alone and saw nothing positive in their life. So, on top of dealing with the virus many families are mourning their loved ones. We can’t even have a funeral service like we would like. Unfinished business is everywhere.

My point is let your families and friends know (even by Zoom) they are important and valued.

Keep your selves protected and help others to do the same. Wear your masks, wash your hands, avoid large crowds and most of all know that this too shall pass.