Hallmark Holiday-Mother’s Day

I love Hallmark, I love cards, and I love the beautiful verses. What I have always had a hard time with is finding just the right sentiment. It doesn’t have to be a defined, set holiday to let someone know he or she is special. Finding my own Mother just the right saying was difficult because our relationship was so strained. I couldn’t go with the sugar and spice because my mother truly wasn’t so nice. So, I resorted to the card with a humorous twist. My mother died in 1983, followed by my dad in 1993 and our son in 2003. You can see why digits ending in three cause unrest in me.

As our own children got older and moved out of state, Mother’s Day was not that sweet, warm, fuzzy Hallmark commercial. The day was complete though when I heard from all my chicks. For many of us who have experienced a loss of a child it is one less card, one less call, and once again a jolt of reality that our life has taken on a new normal. That new normal though doesn’t have to be bad and it doesn’t have to make us mad or sad. We just need to be grateful for the memorable times we had.

Instead of mourning for the loss I want to embrace those who surround me with a sense of love and care. Making a plan for your day will help lessen your pain and loss. Playing in the garden, weather permitting, always makes me feel better. Be good to you, do something fun, reach out to someone else. Most of all remember that we have no control over anyone but our own selves. Choose to make this Mother’s Day about enjoying the wonderment and beauty of life.

Our loved ones planted their garden with fear, pain, and anger. We can do the same if we choose, but then the result is the same as theirs. I hope you want a prettier, healthier garden. I will plant strength and courage; fertilize it with love, and share its beauty with others who need it. Won’t you join me?