19th Annual
Remembrance Walk

September 11th, 2022

Remembrance Walk Details

September 11th, 2022

Loose Park – 51st & Wornall
Kansas City, Missouri

Registration: 8:00am
Walk Starts: 9:00am

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For More Information, contact Bonnie Swade at (913) 681-3050 or by email at

For those who have lost someone to a traumatic death. Suicide, Homicide, Fire, Accident…


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Remembrance Walk FAQs

Q. “What is the purpose of the SASS walk?
A. The walk was started to help unite others who have experienced a loss of a loved one by a tragic death. Its purpose is to unite survivors and let them know they are not alone.

Q. “I have heard of the “Out of Darkness Walk” sponsored by the AFSP. How does your organization’s walk differ?
A. SASS certainly supports many of the goals the AFSP stands for and applauds their efforts on suicide research. We wanted to establish a “grass root” organization where the funds earned from the walk stay exclusively in the metropolitan Kansas City area.

Q. “Is the walk then a fundraiser and do you have other fundraisers throughout the year?”
A. “Yes, this is our only fundraiser and participation fees collected go toward the expense of putting on the walk such as advertising, t-shirts, park rental fees, etc. We are fortunate to have sponsors who are generous and support our cause. All monies collected go toward suicide awareness, education, prevention, and survivor support.

Q. “Who makes up the SASS Board and does anyone get a salary”?
A. SASS is made up of a dedicated board of volunteers who have been touched in some way by the loss of a loved one by a traumatic death. No one on our board receives monetary compensation.

Q. “Is SASS a 501( c) 3? Also, my work encourages us to donate to United Way and I have never seen SASS listed. Can I still donate to it?
A. SASS is a 501( c) 3 and has also received checked marked status through the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. Yes, all you need to do is write SASS MoKan’s name on your participation sheet and include our address.

Q.“What should I expect if I attend this event?
A. It is a time to reflect on loved ones, for fellowship with others who have experienced a difficult loss. The walk reflects that we have survived this traumatic loss and continue to honor our loved one’s memory. Hearing the walkers’ steps hitting the pavement, to the pattering of doves being released, to the sound of the motorcycles starting up, it is our way to let our loved ones know they are and will continue to be dear to our hearts. We honor them in memory and spirit.

Q. “What other events is SASS having and will there be a charge”?
A. SASS is recognizing National Survivor’s of Suicide Day on November 19th by having a National Broadcast, local panel discussion and Remembrance Service. After the broadcast and local panel, we have a speaker, candle lighting, listen to melodic harp music, and enjoy fellowship. There is no cost involved to our participants. SASS is also putting together a Day of Healing and reflection on Sunday, February 19th. It is geared toward the well-being of survivors. More information will be forthcoming.